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Composing and podcasting

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Composing and podcasting


Composition plays an important role in advertising. Below we examine some of the uses of composition in advertising:

Attracting attention: composition can be effective in attracting the attention of the audience in advertisements. Through the use of catchy melodies and rhythms, music composition can attract the attention of the audience and lead them to watch the advertisement.

Conveying emotion: Composition can help create feelings and emotional connection with the audience. Music can evoke positive or negative emotions in the audience and act as a powerful communication tool. Using melodies, chords and instruments, music can convey emotions such as joy, epic, energy, fear or sympathy to the audience.

Brand Identity: Composition can help brand recognition and strengthen its identity. By choosing the right melodies, chords and music styles, brands can convey their identity and personality to the audience. Composition can act as a main element in building brand recognition and differentiation in the market.

Affecting memory: Music can improve the ability to remember and memory of the audience. In advertising, the use of music helps to remember the brand and advertising message in the minds of the audience. Music can remain in the audience’s mind as a diagnostic cue and help remember and recall advertisements over time.

Creation of space and spatial effect: composition can create a special space for the audience in advertisements and strengthen their relationship with the advertised product or service. By using the right music, it is possible to provide atmospheres such as happiness, relaxation, excitement and surprise to the audience and improve the advertising experience.

With all these uses, composition in advertising can help convey the advertising message, connect with the audience, create brand differentiation and positively influence the audience.

Composition tariffs (all site tariffs are in Tomans)

Please contact us to know the exact amount of your project.


Grade A composition tariff

Exclusive composition according to the personality of the brand or your personal taste

The possibility of composing in the following styles:

Cinematic, Classical, Chill out, ambient

Dance, Deep house, Drum & bass, Jazz, Trap, Drill

Presenting the stems (wave) file

High quality

The possibility of 2 possible edits


Grade B composition tariff

Exclusive composition according to the personality of the brand or your personal taste

The possibility of composing in the following styles:

Classical, chill out, ambient

Dance, Deep house, Drum & bass, Trap, Drill

High quality



Part of the portfolio of works related to composition

Composition portfolio
Denver 2
Next Ep
Which one
Yeki 2 Shab
Bad Boys


Using podcasts for businesses has many advantages and benefits. Here are some reasons why businesses should use podcasts:

Closer connection with the audience: Podcasts allow businesses to have a closer and deeper connection with their audience. With a podcast, you can provide educational, informative, and entertaining audio content that your audience will be able to listen to and hear. This creates a more personal and intimate connection with your audience and builds trust between you and your audience.

Provide thought-provoking content: Podcasts allow you to provide rich and thought-provoking content to your audience. In a podcast, you can talk about complex topics, strategies, personal experiences, interviews, etc. This type of content makes the audience participate more deeply in the topics you discuss and achieve more thinking and analysis.

Increase brand awareness: By creating a podcast related to your field of activity, you can increase your brand awareness. By providing valuable and useful content in podcast format, you will be seen as a trusted and expert resource. Audiences will get to know your voice over time and will trust you more.

Enhance your content marketing strategy: Podcasts can be part of your content marketing strategy. By creating regular podcasts and providing relevant and diverse content, you can attract a loyal and top-selling audience around you.

Opportunity to collaborate with other industries: By creating podcasts related to your business area, you can reach and collaborate with other industries and related professionals. This collaboration opportunity can lead to joint promotions, interviews, and content exchanges that will also help increase your brand awareness.

Overall, using podcasts in business allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper level, provide thought-provoking content, and increase brand awareness.

Tariffs for preparing podcasts (per minute)
(all site tariffs are in Tomans)

Possibility to choose between several speakers


Call rate up to 1 minute

Scenario and text from you

is sent


Podcast from 3 to 15 minutes

Scenario and text from you

is sent


Long episodes from 30 to 60 minutes

Scenario and text from youis sent


Audio book from 60 minutes up

Scenario and text from you

is sent

How to pay

  • 50% of cash in advance (the start of the project depends on the full advance payment)
    50% cash after the end of the project (delivery of the project depends on the full payment of the invoice amount)
    In case of force majeure, 30% will be added to the final invoice amount.

Project delivery time

  • The delivery time for composition and podcast projects is 3 to 7 working days, unless your project is a long episode or an audio book, please contact us for advice and more information.
    The delivery time of force majeure projects is estimated by phone coordination.

Free consultation and necessary arrangements

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Complete delivery of the project

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