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Motion graphics

You can see some of our portfolios and tariffs related to motion graphics designs.

Stay with us to see the tariffs.

Making a motion logo

An animated logo is a popular marketing and brand identity asset. Motion graphic designers transform static logos into something new and unique. Today, many brands continue to share animated versions of their logos with the world, an animated logo is a modern and dynamic way to present a brand. It can show the company’s personality and convey a special message to attract customers. In addition, it is a good way to stand out from the competition as an animated logo guarantees originality.

Tariff for creating a motion logo (all site tariffs are in Tomans)


Motion logo

Personalization according to your business style

The possibility of 1 possible change

Logo motion portfolios

Making advertising motion / teaser

Humans respond better to visual elements than reading text, so motion graphic videos are a great way to grab attention and get a point across across multiple platforms. They visually conceptualize ideas and information through a combination of animation, video, audio, infographics, and moving text, making it easier for customers and prospects to understand what you do and do it. Best of all, they are easier to share on social media and add to site content. All this makes brands more personable and increases engagement.

Tariff for creating promotional motion/teaser (all site tariffs are in Tomans)


Making advertising motion / teaser every minute

Exclusive scenario

The possibility of using exclusive music

The possibility of using a dedicated version

Making educational motion

It is said that sight is the strongest human sense. Our brain is largely dedicated to vision and image processing. Images have long been a staple of storytelling, and video is its natural successor. Humans have a hard time paying attention to motion because video creates the illusion of a continuous flow of motion, color, and information. We engage with video because it appeals to our visual system and closely mimics the way we see and perceive the real world, so motion graphics are an attractive way to teach.

Tariffs for making educational motion pictures (all site tariffs are in Tomans)


Making educational motion every minute

Exclusive scenario

Use of special educational elements

The possibility of using a dedicated version

You can have the following services in your motion graphics:

1. Speaker selection
2.Preparation and arrangement of exclusive music
3.Use of your company logo and information will be displayed.
4.The possibility of serializing motion graphics
5.Motion graphics are available in one size, if you want two sizes, half the price will be charged for the second size.
6.The possibility of character design, a quarter of the cost is added for each character.

Promotional motion graphics portfolios / teasers

Making story motion

This technique is popular on social media right now – even Instagram has a camera tool that lets you take a long series of photos and turn them into a stop-motion video that you can post on your story. post it

Tariff for story motion production (all site tariffs are in Tomans)


Making story motion 15 to 30 seconds

Introduction of business, services, products

Advertising illustration without characters

The possibility of using a dedicated version

Motion story portfolios

How to pay                

  • 50% of cash in advance (the start of the project depends on the full advance payment)
  • 50% cash after the end of the project (delivery of the project depends on the full payment of the invoice amount)
  • In case of force majeure, 30% will be added to the final invoice amount.

Project delivery time

  • The delivery time of motion graphics projects varies depending on your project, please contact us for advice and information.
  • The delivery time of force majeure projects is estimated by phone coordination.

Implementation steps of motion graphics projects

Free consultation and necessary arrangements

Send invoice and receive advance payment

Send part of the motion

Employer approval


Complete delivery of the project

Contact us for advice or to place an order.